Use Your Brain!

"Everyone used to tell me to use my brain. No one told me exactly how to do it."

- Khurshed Batliwala

Whether you are a student working your way through university, or a professional struggling with new concepts you have to study, or simply someone who is curious and wants to know more... You will find techniques in the ‘Use Your Brain!’ workshop that will make the process of studying and learning easier and possibly more fun.

This workshop which is based off a few chapters from the book Ready, Study, Go! , will create a paradigm shift in the way you learn. It will make the process of studying efficient, enjoyable and more meaningful. It will change the way you think and possibly even bring about a transformation in the way you live.

Highlights of the Workshop

Know Your Brain

1.5 kgs of mostly fat generates enough electricity to power a small town every day. When you know more about the brain, you can really get it to work for you!

Study Tips

Techniques to study efficiently. Some obvious, some utterly counterintuitive, all amazingly effective.

Brain Hacks

3 mostly overlooked ways to get those juices in the brain flowing and all that electricity buzzing just for your learning pleasure.

What Are Our Attendees Saying

A very relatable and readable book for students of all ages by two achievers I know well! Bawa and Dinesh break down mastering the art of studying, and show how achieving the grades one has always dreamed of can become a reality. I would recommend this book to my nieces and all students at all levels, and am personally empowered to be armed with it at the start of my own daughter's academic life!


Lara Dutta Bhupathi

Mum, Actress and Miss Universe 2000

Next Workshop

- 2nd June, 2017

- Hall, Delhi

- Anisha Jha +91 9987590292


- 2nd June, 2017

- Hall, Delhi

- Anisha Jha +91 9987590292

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