Autographed Ready, Study, Go! Book


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Ready, Study, Go! has sold more than 35,000 copies. It will make a perfect gift for anyone who is learning anything new, or is just a curious, adventurous person by nature. You can make it even more special by getting an autographed copy, with a message of your choice written out by the authors themselves.

Could studying actually be interesting and enjoyable?

It depends on your attitude and your methodology.

This book explores the attitude towards study and has tips and techniques to make studying into an interesting, enjoyable activity instead of the dull grind that it seems to have become for most people.

Khurshed Batliwala holds a Master’s degree in Maths from IIT Bombay. It was a hard earned degree and he reveals through personal stories how he finally succeeded.

Dinesh Ghodke holds a B.Tech in Metallurgy and Material Sciences from IIT Bombay.

There are few things that can give the exhilaration of finally understanding something or cracking a problem whose solution has eluded you for a long time.

This book covers diverse topics like:

Why study subjects you don’t like

Using the brain the way it’s meant to be used

Mind Mapping

Exercise and diet that ensures a sharp intellect and a great body

A few recipes to cook healthy and delicious snacks and meals

Dealing with failure and suicidal tendencies

Secrets of studying effectively

Emergency studying

… and many other related topics.

The techniques and solutions to the problem of studying effectively are drawn from many sources and have immense practical application. The authors themselves have developed many of them over the years.

The authors have been teaching the Art of Living series of workshops for over 20 years and have touched the lives of tens of thousands of people, especially youngsters. Many techniques they discuss in this book have been used to great advantage by students spanning all age groups across the world.

The writing is crisp and witty. Examples and stories abound. Dip yourself into this book and soon you will be itching to learn something new!